Wine Event Consulting

Services offered to executives, professionals & consumers
Ronn Wiegand, Master of Wine & Master Sommelier, is an active wine consultant who has provided wine event consulting and wine business consulting for many companies, including Barclays Bank, Visa International, American Express, Walt Disney World and National Distributing Company. Let him help you deliver the best wines, wine information and wine service at your events, to your executives and to your clients.

Wine Receptions, Lunches & Dinners

  • Wine Selection & Sourcing
  • Pairing Wines With Appetizers & Various Courses
  • Commentary on Selected Wines

Mr. Wiegand will select delicious wines to serve at meetings, receptions, lunches and/or dinners. Wines can be moderately priced or rare and very expensive. Wiegand will personally source all wines for each event.

The selected wines will match food courses and meet any budget. With his vast knowledge of wines of the world, he can tailor the selections to specific themes or taste preferences (for example, New Wine Discoveries From California, Classic Wines of France, Best Wines From Down Under).

Mr. Wiegand can be present at events to answer questions about the wines, and, if desired, to address the group about them. He can also provide written commentary about them.


Visa International, Sun Microsystems, and Merrill Lynch.

Celebrity Sommelier

Overseeing Event Wine Service

Mr. Wiegand is a Master Sommelier, the sixth American ever to become one, and has 35 years of wine service experience. He will preside over all aspects of wine service for any meeting or event, including the arrangement of “blind” wine tastings for executives and clients.


Bank of America, Sun Microsystems, Barclay’s International

Guest Speaker (Lectures & Educational Tastings)

Mr. Wiegand has spoken about wine to dozens of groups during the past 40 years. He has led hundreds of educational tastings in his career, on topics from “How To Taste Wine” to “The Wines of Italy”. He can create a tasting and/or presentation on virtually any wine subject.


Have included Walt Disney World, American Express, and Merrill Lynch.

Personal Wine Shopper & Cellar Management

Mr. Wiegand has extensive wine contacts throughout the world and can source nearly any wine for executives and individuals.

Mr. Wiegand is one of the best wine tasters in the USA. In his role as publisher of Restaurant Wine, he tastes approximately 5,000 new release wines from around the world and can provide real-time recommendations of top quality wines to individuals who wish to purchase wines for their cellars or collections.

If you are developing, expanding or insuring your wine cellar, he can definitely help. He provides expert advice on:

  • What wines to buy
  • Which wines to drink when in your cellar
  • Valuations for assessment purposes


Mr. Wiegand regularly recommends and/or sources wines for collectors and executives. All consultation is done on a strictly confidential basis.

To Contact Mr. Wiegand:

Call: (925) 210.0604