Wine Business Consulting

Services offered to executives, professionals & consumers
Ronn Wiegand, Master of Wine & Master Sommelier, is an active wine consultant who has provided wine event consulting and wine business consulting for many companies, including Barclays Bank, Visa International, American Express, Walt Disney World and National Distributing Company.

Services for Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs and Cruise Lines

Restaurant Wine’s publisher, Ronn Wiegand, has been called the wine consultant’s wine consultant. He candidly says, “There isn’t a hotel, club or restaurant that I have ever visited — anywhere in the world — which could not increase either its wine sales or its profitablity from wine, within a matter of days.”

Do you want to increase your wine sales? These are areas of your business that Mr. Wiegand can critique, and help develop, with the sole purpose of maximizing wine sales.

  • Your wine by the glass program: selections, pricing, merchandising.
  • Wine list: selections, layout & design, number of wines.
  • Server wine training: content, organization, implementation.
  • Wine selection: menu compatibility, price points, brands, caliber of selections.
  • Wine promotions & merchandising: programs, rollout, profitability, guest satisfaction.
  • Wine pricing: strategy, profitability, adjustments.
  • Wine purchasing & inventory: monitoring, systems & guidelines.

Increasing wine sales is one thing. Generating additional profits quite another. Mr. Wiegand is an expert in managing wine programs to enhance their profitability — even without increasing sales. “Adding 2% or 5% profit to your wine program’s bottom line is like increasing sales another 20% to 30%. With carefully laid-out systems, which are updated and monitored, you could be generating greater profits from your wine program — guaranteed. Let me show you how.”


Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Seabourn Cruise Line, and the Ahwahnee Hotel (Yosemite National Park) and more.

Services for Wine Distributors and Wine Importers

Increasingly, wine distributors and importers are being called upon to provide products more targeted to individual accounts, even to help their products “sell-through” in their accounts. In the case of restaurants, this means that sales representatives must know the ropes of the hospitality business, how to spot viable opportunities, and how to present their products in the best light to the restaurant’s customers.

Restaurant Wine publisher Ronn Wiegand addresses these and other crucial topics in his custom workshops.

  • Wine trends
  • Trends in the hospitality industry
  • Trends in by the glass programs
  • Trends in on-premise wine promotions & merchandising
  • Developing a wine list that sells

“Your sales personnel must be able to act as real wine consultants to accounts.”


National Distributing, Southern Wine & Spirits, and more.

Wine Seminars and Wine Training

Wiegand has conducted dozens of classes, tastings, workshops and seminars for various groups and organizations during the past few years. Some of the topics he has addressed:

Consumers & Business Groups

  • How to taste wine
  • The great Rieslings of Germany
  • Wines of California
  • How to order wine in a restaurant
  • Matching wine & food: it’s all in good taste
  • Comparing California Cabernets & Red Bordeaux
  • California’s best wineries


  • For retailers: How to get customers to trade-up in their wine purchases
  • For restaurateurs: Ten ways to sell more wine–tonight!
  • For restaurateurs: How to develop a wine list that sells wine
  • For restaurateurs: Managing a profitable wine by the glass program

All consultation is done on a strictly confidential basis.

To Contact Mr. Wiegand:

Call: (925) 210.0604